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Sonja Shephard

January's Widow

And when I looked at you I missed myself.
Because you had taken up so much of me.
Till that special me no longer existed.
Eternity lay in a pool after your death.
Our forever bond broken.
Crocodiles move into deeper waters.

Crocodile tears that is.
It is so hard for me to pretend to mourn.
When in truth I cry in sweet happiness.
And the smell of coffee is a tender hand.
As a possible new love hands me a cup
from across the crowd of funeral guests.
And in the rustling of the night sky.
I lay in bed taking up both sides of the bed.
Waiting, hoping to replace that void.
Music of fire around the lips.
At last a month later a new love I do kiss.
And there was silence around their steps.
As the neighbors peer out their curtains.
Watching you come and go at night.
And wonder how I can carry on, so soon.

Donna Johnson

Old and Gray

Eyes dimmed by years, have shed many a tear,

Both of happiness and remorse.

But that is the wear of growing old;

And we who are old would not change it

There are people who are old,

Who can walk and talk and see;

Still others who are ill and lame.

But each have their memories of yesteryears

And would not trade them for today.

The youth of today will have the same

feeling as they grow old and gray;

And so the world turns for almost everyone;

In a very special way.

Beatrice Parker (1966)


You tell your friends your secret

They laugh just like they are glad.

They won't say anything about it

Until you make them mad.

You see your friend coming,

Coming with something new.

They got all of your secrets

And they go talk about you.

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